Sunday, February 20, 2011

Media Noche

I apologize if this was a tad late. Been busy with work since it's peak season in one my of transcription jobs.  But here it is, what we had for our New Year celebration! The settings of my cam was off so I'm going to post here what my older sister shot from her camera.  I was really sad about it but it's okay.  Most of the food pics are from her. Good thing 'ate' was taking pics as well.  During New Year our theme is usually Pinoy food but this year some of us bought our favorites and added to the spread. Enjoy!

Christmas Tree

Delifrance Fruit Tarts

 fruit tarts - they look great but the taste is a bit bland

  Refrigerator Cake - mom makes great ref cakes and my number one diet crasher

Breadtalk, Krispy Kremes and Ref Cakes

Media Noche

 Media Noche

 Top L-R: Excellente Sweet Ham and homecooked crab
Bottom L-R: Caldireta, Excellente Scrap Ham, Rellenong Bangus

 L-R: Rice Syrup Chicken from BBQ Chicken, Jap Chae from Kaya (My favorites!)

 Top to Bottom: Excellente Sweet ham and Scrap Ham (everyone's fave)

 Excellente Sweet Ham

 Dessert Tray with Delifrance fruit tarts and Krispy Kreme's Kruffins