Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tous Les Jours - Rose Inspiration Fresh Cream Cake

On Mother's Day my sister brought home a Tous Les Jours cake from SM Southmall. It's the first time I've heard of the brand and my sis was all praises about it being high quality and healthy. Well when we first unboxed it we were all oohs and aahs but I was dubious about the taste because the appearance looks too good to be true.

My doubts disappeared the moment I had that first bite. I've always wondered what those cakes in Asian (Korean, Japanese, Tawainese) telenovelas tasted like because they looked so neat and artsy. Well now I've tasted one and it's everything I've imagined! The cream on the cake is just perfect. Not too sweet. The Rose Inspiration Fresh Cream Cake is a strawberry-flavored cake so you get that tangy taste of strawberries inside the cake itself and not as a filling. It's the like the sponge cake has sponged all the strawberry juice while there's a heaping amount of cream all over the cake inside and out. It's just so wonderful. Just like a cloud.

My mom and our family loved it. Mom as a housewife who likes to bake herself said the ingredients are all high quality. She appreciated her cake and her flower as well :).

Tous Les Jours - Rose Inspiration Fresh Cream Cake

Tous Les Jours - Rose Inspiration Fresh Cream Cake (slice)

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