Thursday, June 14, 2012

Razzzo Bistro and Serye for Valentines

For Valentines 2012 I treated my family to Razzzo Bistro and Serye since they both had group buying vouchers at that time.

Razzzo is located inside BF Homes along Aguirre Avenue. I've always passed by their restaurant going home from work and I'm glad I've had the opportunity to eat there. The place inside looks very nice. I love the interior designing. I imagined this would be a great place for dates and romantic dinners.

Love the wall designs
There are dining booths along the walls for a more private dining experience

I love the chicken and drinks at Razzzo. The chicken is just tasty all the way up to the bone. I'm even craving for it now while I'm writing this. I also ordered a Green Tea Smoothie and it was great! But I ordered one of the combo meals and didn't realize it included a blue soda drink so I had two drinks to finish :(. But they both tasted great anyway. I think the blue one is dalandan flavor.

One of the combo meals that includes chicken, pasta and pizza and a blue soda




We checked their comfort rooms and I just had to take a picture of it. It's so nicely designed. The whole place is just a treat for the eyes.

Razzzo's comfort room

Near the comfort rooms - me and my sisters playing with the mirrors :P

After having lunch at Razzzo we treated ourselves for some dessert at Serye. There's one located in Sucat road at Santana Grove which is fairly near from Razzzo. Their promo is a cake and a coffee for only P99. I've always wanted to taste their Macapuno Pandan Cake because I love pandan and green cakes so that's what I ordered. It's the best Pandan Cake I've tasted so far :). Didn't disappoint me at all. Not too sweet and just right. My brothers and sisters said their cakes are all good. Below are their pics.

Apple Pie

Chocolate Decadence Cake

Sans Rival


Mocha Manila Cake
Macapuno Pandan Cake

Biscotti to go

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