Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hair Wavz and Magic Leverag

I really like curling my hair without using any heat and I achieve this by using a curling product called Magic Leverag that I bought from a deal site. It's also known by another brand, Curlformers. Then another brand popped up that I saw on HSN channel just recently and it's called Hair WAVz. When I saw it I was tickled because I was thinking it's exactly the same one I'm using but after watching the video long enough I realized this is different. The curlers are longer and fatter. Also I already stopped using Magic Leverag because my hair is really long now. It looks "bitin" when I curl the ends of my hair with it. So I had a sudden urge to buy this Hair WAVz thinking I could probably curl my hair again without having to cut my hair to medium length.... and I did. The next day my product arrived. First impressions are the curlers are definitely longer and fatter and you can see the product comparisons with the pictures below.

Hair Wavz (blue and green) on the left. Magic Leverag (yellow and pink) on the right

Hair Wavz (left) looks twice as long

How about performance? Well the material looks exactly the same so I have no doubt it will work the same as well. I usually leave these curlers on wet hair overnight because I don't like putting heat on them but when I'm in a hurry I guess I'll try blowing drying them. The picture below is the result of the Hair Wavz on wet hair overnight and taken out in the morning. On the left I used the fatter curlers. The effect was more like a wave than a curl. I like it. It's elegant in a laid back way. On the right I used the thin longer curler. I like this one as well because the curls are neater and holds better on my hair. So it depends on my mood which I'll be using. If I'm feeling laid back I'll use the fatter one and I think on formal occasions I'll be using the thinner curler. Of course this is just on my hair. It could be different on different kinds of hair. I still have to try it on my sis who has thicker hair. I think the fatter one would suit her well.

Used fat curlers on the left and thin long curlers on the right

At the back of the hair I used the longer curlers of course and I really love the effect. It's just right for my really long hair. If you check the length of the Magic Leverag above you will see that it will only curl half of my hair from the tips.

What it looks like at the back. I had to adjust the brightness because the pic was really dark

Conclusion: I'm happy with the Hair Wavz because it has long curlers and fat curlers. I also like the fact that it's color coded like the green ones should be on the right side of hair and the blue curlers should be on the left. It will look great on the front because you'll know the hair will curl away from the face. I was having trouble with this using the other brand not knowing which way the curl goes. The style wand I like because it's sturdier. It comes in two pieces like the other brands that you can snap into one piece. The Hair Wavz wand is sturdier because once you snap it, it will stay in place. This is important when you're pulling your hair inside the curlers. My experience before with the wand of Magic Leverag is it keeps breaking off into two again while pulling my hair inside the curlers. That can be frustrating and time consuming. But somehow I wish there's a way I could break the Hair Wavz wand into two again when I need to for easier storage.

So how about price? Well compared to the curlers that can be found on deal sites (Magic Leverag, Curlformers) the price of Hair Wavz is ridiculous. If only Magic Leverag or Curlformers had longer curlers I wouldn't even think of buying Hair Wavz. I have a feeling those can be found somewhere in stores but I still have to hunt it up. But since I'm lazy to hunt and Hair Wavz was a call away I just swallowed the price for convenience sake. After receiving the product, I somehow don't regret the price too much. The quality of Hair Wavz is really good and I like the colors. No one would say it's cheap looking. It's stored in an organdy pouch bag that looks quite elegant. Also I have the option of fat curlers. I don't think the other brands have that. And it has 30 curlers all in all! So I don't think I need to buy another curler ever again (not after paying this price).

I bought my second Magic Leverag set at TCAT (P170) but it's available on other deal sites before as well (Metrodeal, Ensogo, Groupon, etc.). I lent my first set to a friend and it never came back.

Hair Wavz cost me P1295 plus shipping so it's P1390 all in all. You can check the product here


mecmarquez said...

What size does Magic Leverage curlers resembles most if compared to Hair Wavz?

marichan said...

Hi. Very sorry for the late reply. The Magic Leverag I bought online has the same diameter as the 'thin' Hair Wavz. But the length of the Magic Leverag is only half and one-fourth compared to Hair Wavz as you can see on the pics above. Magic Leverag is good if you have short to medium hair length.

Eunice MARCONI said...

Where can I buy hair wavz here in the philippines ?

Anonymous said...

how can i buy these in lebanon?