Thursday, December 27, 2012

Noche Buena 2012

This year's Noche Buena we decided on a White Christmas theme. Everything we served is white except for the Christmas ham of course. Well we tried our best to make everything white anyway but colored dishes are really tasty hehe. Enjoy!

White Christmas Noche Buena. The ham is Purefoods Bone-in Smoked Ham

Choco Santa Cake by Tous Les Jours. We just added the powdered sugar to make it white

Mom's fruit salad

Mom's carbonara

Mom's prosciutto and asparagus

Chao Fan by Chowking

Mom's Lumpiang Ubod


doctoral dissertation writing said...

Everything looks so good and delicious. You people sure had good taste when it comes to food. Thank you for sharing this post with us and keep posting more such posts

marichan said...

Hi. Thank you for the comment! Every year at Christmas time we usually have the same foods over and over again because of family favorites. But will try to change it up once in a while and will try to post other occasions as well. Thanks again!