Wednesday, September 12, 2012

John and Yoko Cosmopolitan Japanese Resto

Therese and I first ate at John and Yoko in November last year. We liked it so much that we vowed we'll eat there again. Well that vow was only accomplished just last August. Being busy and so many other restaurants to try we only got back just recently.

We ate at our usual spot in Greenbelt 5, Makati even to the very same table near the window. There were reviews before that when you eat at John and Yoko you'll come out smelling like food. I think they have fixed their exhaust system now because when we went there recently and being a full-house since it's lunch time we still came out smelling fresh. The other customers seem to think that way as well. The waitresses donned their usual mini skirts which nobody seemed to mind because their service this time was good. The last time we went there they had leggings or dark stockings beneath their skirts so it wouldn't be too revealing. There were reviews before that their service wasn't that good and put the fault on the revealing skirts making them too uncomfortable.

But overall Therese and I had a lovely time. She as usual ordered too much and had to take home some of her food. Below are the pics of food we ordered last November (the first four) and the rest the ones we ordered last August. As usual I'll come back again when I crave for some Japanese fusion.

Finding Nemo - this is good for 3 people. loved everything on it

Beef Teppan - Therese ordered this and she said it's so so. (I think beef is not one of this restaurant's strong points)

Chicken Teriyaki and Mango Pizza - this is their bestseller! and one of the reasons why we keep coming back. Yum!

Hehe there's actually three of us but the other person hasn't arrived yet. Also we recommend the 'green' iced tea if you're choosing between colors

Oyster Overload - I love this! I always loved tahong or oyster with cheese. this made me full very fast

Ocean's Eleven - Good for 3 or 4. I don't know why Therese ordered this but it's too much for two people. But still yummy. At the back you can see the Wagyu Rice. It's still so-so.

Crunchy Tuna Roll - since I liked Finding Nemo before, I ordered again one of the sushis in it. If you like spicy you'll like this one. I'll order the Philadelphia roll next time.

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