Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sugi and Conti's

Yesterday was the third Saturday of the month so Therese and I met again for our monthly day out. This time we decided to try Sugi, Greenbelt 2 to try out a high-end Japanese restaurant and avail a 10% discount as well when we use a Citibank card. I always pass by Sugi whenever I go or pass by Greenbelt by a colorum.  I was always intimidated by the place because it looks "sosi".  Well I think now I'll be comfortable eating there now that I know the staff are friendly and the atmosphere great.

Sugi at Greenbelt 2
Well the prices are a bit expensive but you don't have to buy the expensive meals.  They have dishes like combo meals from fast food restaurants to make it cheaper.  I think the quality will be the same anyway.  Well Therese and I tried the expensive dishes.  She ordered Jo Kaiseki and I ordered the Makunouchi Bento.  I can't say I was 'wow'ed with what I ordered.  It looks like a typical bento for me.  I was thinking maybe I would have gotten more in other restaurants with the same price.  Well honestly I thought my mom makes a better tempura and the sashimi was no different from others I've tasted.  Well at least the iced tea was good but the mango for our dessert was sour.  Anyway, maybe I was hoping the bento had some pork in it and so I was disappointed it was mostly seafood.  Next time I will order probably the Unaju, a teriyaki dish, a curry dish or katsudon for my next visit.  They're cheaper and maybe will have more taste in them.  Therese was so full with her Jo Kaiseki.  I even helped out a little bit in eating.  There was an unagi dish with her Jo Kaisek and I was glad she gave me one to taste.  That one was great.  Maybe I was just overwhelmed with what I had when all I wanted was as simple dish.  I think I've learned my lesson and listen to what my stomach is saying and not to what my eyes wanted to take a picture of.  But anyhow what we ordered was really great to take pics of.  In the Jo Kaiseki pics there are some dishes taken away and some added to make room for the table.

Do you ask if I will come back here again?  Yes maybe I wasn't satisfied with what I ordered but I will definitely come back again to try other dishes and I haven't tried sitting in the Sushi table yet which from what I hear is an exhilarating experience.  Maybe someday 'll be able to sit there.  I know I know for normal people it's no such big deal but for shy people (like me) I need to gain courage first.

Makunouchi Bento

Jo Kaiseki part 1

Jo Kaiseki part 2

Jo Kaiseki part 3

 Since we only had mango for dessert Therese and I decided to go walk a little to one of my favorite merienda place, Conti's! (also located in Greenbelt 2).  Therese ordered a blueberry cheesecake and I ordered Mango Bravo (which I always do whenever I go here).  The cheesecake I wasn't impressed at first but when I tasted it it was so creamy.  This is the type of cheesecake I like, not too salty or sour.  Love it!  Well the Mango Bravo, what can I say?  It's their best seller.  It's just so creamy and nutty and not too sweet and cool and crunchy.  It's mostly what I love in a cake.  I guess the only downside is don't take too long to eat it because it won't taste the same.  It is a frozen cake after all.

Conti's Blueberry Cheesecake
Conti's Mango Bravo

Conti's Mango Bravo (cool and just right)

We also watched a movie after our lunch.  We saw Despicable Me in 3D in Greenbelt 3.  The movie was so cute.  The main character, even though he's kinda evil in the beginning, was adorable when he first appeared.  I guess deep down we wanted to do the things he does.  The girls Gru (the main character) adopted are really cute as well.  But the cutest of all are the minions! I'm hearing everyone wants to have minions and now I know why.  Well every animated movie should have a mascot and in this movie it's them.  It's an adorable and funny movie. I would love to see them again. 

Gru's minions

To be honest I don't like watching in 3D so much because the 3D glasses slides down on my nose but Despicable Me is worth watching in 3D especially since there's a roller coaster ride scene.  If I felt my chair move a little bit I would've freaked out because I could feel I was in that ride.  Well maybe in the future regular cinemas will have moving chairs as well to accentuate the 3D.


Anonymous said...

Hay...di pa ako nakakakain sa Contis ng dine-in. Siguro sulit din. Try nyo sa Little Quiapo naman :D

marichan said...

Hehe sige try namin. Ewan ko bakit hanggan ngyn ndi pa namin sinubukan dun.