Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chocolate Mint Spa

My first post here will be a review about a spa place. I'm not much of a spa person myself but I decided to give my sister and my mom a treat since they've worked hard this past few weeks when our helpers took a vacation. I searched the internet for a good massage place and found one that's near called Chocolate Mint Spa in BF, Paranaque. The price is just right for a good massage and the place is really nice, very professional. Well like I said I'm not a spa person so I didn't go with my sis and mom. I just gave them funds for their treat which is a two-hour massage and body scrub. Before they went mom was saying things like it's too expensive, maybe she should just call Jun, the reflexologist who does home service. I kept convincing her that it's fine. They should try it out for me, etc, etc. You know moms right?

Anyway they finally got there. Three hours later they told me how satisfying it was. They said the place was really neat, relaxing and quiet. I thought at first it was located inside a house or something but it was located in a building establishment. They also said it had the nicest bathroom they ever went to. Lol! They both had the body scrub first for one hour then they went in the sauna (which is free by the way every time you visit) and had the two-hour massage. My sis had the Swedish and mom had the Chocolate Mint massage. They were both satisfied with it. This is coming from two ladies who are addicted to massages. My sister always wanted the hard massage and mom wants the light one. I was happy to hear they were both satisfied :). The body scrub they're satisfied as well but mom said the airconditioning was too cold and she felt uncomfortable while doing the scrub. They were able to adjust the temperature anyway so it was fine. When they got home the first thing they said was, "Ang sarap!"

I think they want to go back when I have extra cash again. Well I'm happy that they're happy. And mom learned that it's better to try out other things to know which is better. By the way, I found the spa through Here's the link: click here

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