Thursday, January 5, 2012

Noche Buena 2011

This year we opted for a simpler Noche Buena. Filipinos always love to have a "fiesta-like" serving on the table but we're tired of having so many dishes during Christmas and not being able to taste all of them. We decided to limit ourselves five dishes only and the result was fantastic. We were not overwhelmed with the different varieties that's usual in our Noche Buena so we were able to appreciate the few dishes that was served. Since we decided only to have a few we wanted it at least to have some punch. So, instead of the regular fiesta ham we tried this year Purefood's Smoked Bone-in Fiesta ham. We've been waiting for this kind to come out but last year it's either they didn't release any or the supermarket had ran out. When we were told they have the bone-in this year we just bought it right away before they ran out again. For other dishes we have chicken salad and lasagna. For dessert we looked in our recipe books and the Buko Salad Pandan Crepe caught our eye. We had buko salad already for our dessert so we just scooped some from it and put it into the crepe. Lol. It was great. It became my favorite dessert :). So, below are the pics for our Noche Buena. Enjoy!

Noche Buena

from top left to right: Buko Salad Pandan Crepe, Purefoods Bone-in Ham, Chicken Salad, Lasagna

The bone-in ham tastes much better than the regular fiesta ham

Purefood's Smoked Bone-in Fiesta Ham - we actually used the bone for Pochero in New Year's :)

Buko Salad Pandan Crepe

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