Sunday, December 5, 2010

PC Express, LG and Samsung

I've been meaning to buy a new PC for the past three to four years I think and finally I have the time and funds for it!  Whenever I buy a PC I always choose my specs and never buy the packaged one.  There are just some brands I can't live without and have already tested through time.  It could be a little more expensive but I know it will last.  In Packaged PCs usually they put in one great part/spec and the rest are lower brands or generic so it wouldn't be wise to get packaged unless you're inexperienced and don't know what to do.    The brands I can't live without are: Intel, Asus, and Seagate.  Here are my specs:

Intel Core I3-530 (2.93 Ghz)
Asus P7H55 Motherboard
Kingston 2GB DDR3
Inno3d GTS450 1GB DDR5 128bit HDMI
Seagate 500Gb SATA
LG 20" E2040T LED Monitor

I originally wanted the Intel Core I5 but it's just too expensive for now so I settled for I3 instead of a core2duo as replacement.  That way I'll be able to upgrade my processor when I5 becomes cheaper.  So far so good.  Everything works great.  I'm now on Windows 7 Enterprise which is a huge jump from Windows XP on a Pentium 4.  I'm still getting used to the difference.  I'm thinking Windows 7 is pretty heavy but my specs seems to be handling it fine. I'm also doing Autocad Architecture 10 with ease.

The last time I bought or assembled a PC was probably about 10 years ago so I'm not sure which stores are the best right now.  Everyone kept saying it's good to buy at Gilmore since stores there are cheap but it's just way too far from our place especially if we want to get something fixed.  My brother in law suggested PC Express.  I actually had no experience with them yet so I wasn't sure at first.  Then I remembered my friend, Joie, always go there to have her PC fixed that she bought originally from PC Corner.  So then I decided to find PC Express at Festival Mall since people at our house usually go to that mall.  I couldn't find it at first.  It wasn't with the other computer stores that's beside each other in one part of the mall.  I almost gave up and thought there wasn't one in Festi.  As we're walking at the top floor and arrived at Abesamis (located at the very end of the mall) since my brother was looking for a dentist, there at the lower floor was PC Express! It was incredibly small and no computer parts or peripherals on display.  It looks like a service center more than a store.  I just went inside and practically just showed them a list of what I want assembled.  After some discussion on the missing parts they told me I could get the assembled PC after an hour.  I was shocked.  Last time I bought a PC I picked it up after a week or so.  I asked them if they have everything in stock and they said yes.  (A note by the way: I checked their website first before going to the store and chose from there what parts I want)

So after an hour I got my PC and went home.  I just want to say that people at PC Express really know what they're doing.  All their staff there seem to have ample training unlike with other places that just hire anyone to man their stores.  Also they're the ones who suggested I get the I3 instead of the core2duo.  Not sure if they have commission on the I series but it does make sense that I get the latest trend at the same time cheaper as well.  That way I could upgrade to an I5 without changing the motherboard in the future.

My new PC with an LG 20" E2040T LED Monitor
I didn't open the boxes until the next day, Sunday, then I went to work and hooked up the PC.  It was a great sight.  Loading only took seconds and Windows 7 looks and feels great!

But something was wrong.  My eyes were hurting.  There's something wrong with the colors.  My old AOC LCD monitor looks better than this!  Yes it's bigger and it's LED but the colors were off.  I couldn't place what was really wrong.  I tried adjusting the monitor and the graphics card settings and even asked help from people at home to no avail. Colors were just a bit off.  Green isn't green the way I want to, blue isn't blue and red isn't really red.  After a few days of trying to figure out what's wrong or if it's just my eyes that's just overreacting, I gave up and went back to PC Express to replace my monitor with another brand.  I have a 7-day grace period where I can replace any part if I'm not satisfied with it.  I decided to go with a Samsung (which everybody was saying you can't go wrong with) and upgrade it to HDMI.  Yes I had to add extra money with the upgrade because I didn't want to keep coming back to the store.  Now I've got a Samsung BX2250 21.5" LED monitor.  When I first powered it up everything was smooth.  The colors were right.  The brightness just right.  I didn't have to adjust anything.  At that moment I was at peace :).

I have to thank the people at PC Express.  They were very accommodating.   I even left the power cord of the LG monitor at home but they still let me take home the Samsung monitor and bring the power cord to them the next day.  I know it's against rules but they trusted me.  Lol.  So below is my lovely new monitor.  I feel like my couch potato-ism is calling me again and find no need to get out of the house for a while.

Samsung BX2250 21.5" LED monitor

here's another pic playing around with the wallpaper :)

9 comments: said...

Woah! BX2250 is really amazing. I bought 1 last Christmas and had no plan of replacing it in the future. I used it for Gaming though. At 18W power consumption, I could play 24/7 lol

Keep up! :)

marichan said...

Haha! Yeah I'm still not getting tired of this monitor. I'm so glad I bought it. I don't mind looking at it day in and day out with my work and yes it is energy efficient. I love watching HD trailers on it. Oooh like I said in my post, I'm content -_-. Thanks for the comment ^_^V

Kartik Sharma said...

i am planing for new monitor.
i like Samsung BX2250.
but tell me What You think about
AOC E2237FWH Monitor..

kartik sharma ( said...

i am planing for new monitor.
i like Samsung BX2250.
but tell me What You think about
AOC E2237FWH Monitor..

marichan said...

Hi Kartik! Sorry for the late reply. I haven't seen the AOC E2237FWH in person yet so I can't really judge the picture quality of the monitor but from what I've seen from other sites I really like the style! I can't say if the pictures are as high quality as the Samsung since it's LED. I do have an old AOC LCD monitor and it's still working great up to now so I can say you can trust the brand.

So if you're not too much into the color details I think you can go with the AOC. Everybody's eyes are different so it's better you judge for yourself and check the monitor out in the stores. Good luck with choosing your monitor! said...

Hi its me again, its been a year now. How's your BX2250? Mine got 1 dead pixel /sob ����. I've kept my unit my unit for quite a while unused. Then on its wake 1 pixel was found dead T-T. Wonderin how's ur unit doin? :)

marichan said...

Wow really? I'm sorry to hear that. I know even one pixel busted can be an eyesore to look at. Is it past warranty? Maybe you can have it replaced? Mine's doing good so far. Still using it everyday for work and no complaints. Still happy with it. Now I'm afraid of leaving it unused for a while. Lol. said...

Sorry for waiting (are you?) lol , it's been 3 hours

and 6 Years XD

Hi.. how's everything? What have you been up to these past .6 decade?
I'm doing okay if you'll ask me.
I guess the question is, is this thread still active? :D

So.. I found my self setting up a new desktop and thought I would revive my old BX2250.
Luckily it's still working just fine, a lil bit of backlit bled and few dead pixels, overall still badas.
It reminds me of some cool blog I've read several years ago about it, so I tried to find this.
My keywords were bx2250 and potato.
Lol, it was spot on!

God bless!

marichan said...

Lol! Sorry for the late reply. I don't know why I'm not getting email notifications on the comments I receive. You actually replied to my previous comment on the same date six years later. That's impressive! You're right. It's been a really long time.

Believe it or not, I'm still using my BX2250 right now. Still use it everyday :D. I know I should probably buy a new one already with those eyecare features. I don't know if I'm just being lazy or there's just no need. I'm currently using 50% MagicEco on this monitor and the Blue color set to zero. That way it won't hurt my eyes so much. When I'm playing games, I adjust the settings to normal. You're right, this monitor is pretty badass. Lol. I'm just waiting for it to die but I think I'll be waiting for quite a while.

Lol for finding my blog using those keywords! Thanks for remembering! God bless! :D