Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday for Homebased worker

It's 11PM and I just finished my work.  Working at home has some advantages because you don't have to commute going to and from work.  But it does have its downs as well.  Like today I worked 12 hours straight just to finish my deadline and I'm not being compensated by the hour but by project which normally I should have done in 8 hours.  I'm lucky if I have an easy project but unlucky sometimes when I get a hard one and not compensated well.  I'm sure other people have it worse so I'm not really complaining, just informing :).  Well other workers would be at the movies, restos or bars right now since their workplace is at the city and near those places while I'm here at home. The bed will be my next destination I suppose.  My entire commute all week will be from my computer chair to the bed which is approximately one step away and of course a few more steps to the bathroom and kitchen. 

The first two weeks after I resigned from the office and started working homebased again was tough.  It feels like a breakup.  I had to remove myself from the company of my office mates that I've been with for almost two years. And like a breakup, if I had another company waiting for me with new office mates I probably would have gotten over my previous work easier.  But I only had home so it was tough!  Right now it seems my body is getting used to being home again.  Yes it lacks exercise but I'm going to buy an exercise machine soon.  Anyway, my body is more relaxed now (more lazy actually).  The veins on my feet are not that visible anymore.  I'm getting a little fat now but I'll take care of that once the exercise machine arrives.

Here now I'm chatting with my friends online planning the next time we will meet, probably next month.  Such are the doings of a homebased worker :)

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