Sunday, October 31, 2010

Treats for my birthday

It was a cloudy day on my birthday.  There was a storm coming the PAGASA said.  I was being lazy that day because I knew nothing was going to happen.  I planned on treating my family the next day, Monday,  to a buffet at Shangri-la Makati so on Sunday, October 17, I didn't plan on spending anything for my birthday. 

Well that morning I had a surprise from my big sister.  She came home with boxes! Boxes of donuts that is and it's my favorite! Krispy Kremes donuts and Kruffins. I told myself this will be the last time then I'll start my diet already.

Krispy Kreme Donuts Halloween edition

Krispy Kreme Kruffins
Kruffins are amazing. The cream fillings in the middle is what makes this special. You're already tingling when you take a bite on the scrumptious cake but then you'll be in heaven when you get a taste of that filling with the cake. Both my siblings were able to shout Wow! when they tried it. It really is a surprise. This has become one of my dessert favorites.

Well that's not all my sister brought home.  I didn't think she would be this thoughtful but she also bought my favorite drink! Chowking's Nai-Cha (milk tea).  I love cold milk teas that I buy from coffee shops but for some reason Chowking's is addictive.  I'm thinking maybe it's the jellies or the tea itself or the milk that makes it so good.
Chowking's Iced Nai-Cha

All of the above were served during lunch time.  When dinner came I didn't expect there would be more. Mom and our helper served one of my favorite dishes, Chicken Satay! I just love the sweet nutty flavor of this dish.  I reminds me so much of my Singapore trip where most dishes are sweet and have peanut in it hehe.
Chicken Satay

Then my younger sister surprised me by saying she bought me a birthday cake.  I was surprised because I don't think I ever mentioned a favorite cake... well not yet anyway.  So I kept thinking what could she have bought that I might like.  Well she brought out Red Ribbon's Rocky Road and I remembered I kept telling them for the longest time that it's a good cake but they always chose the other cakes.  Hehe birthdays are so good.  You get to have your favorites even if others won't like it ^_^.

Red Ribbon's Rocky Road

Cross section of Rocky Road

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