Monday, November 8, 2010

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf new apple drinks

November 7, 2010 Sunday I went to Coffee Bean to meet with my friend, Joie. We had plans for the day to spend quality time with another friend who came home from Dubai.  Joie likes going to Greenbelt Church and Coffee Bean is our favorite hangout so it's a no brainer that we would meet up there on a Sunday.  Honestly Sunday is family day for all of us. We seldom go out on a Sunday to meet up but this is an emergency since this is the only time we all have free time to meet up with our friend who will go back abroad in a few days.

Good thing my sister told me about the promo at Coffee Bean the day before.  She said that I will get drinks for only P50 from 10am to 12pm on Sunday. I got to Coffee Bean around 9:45 so when I asked about the promo the barista told me it's only available starting from 10am.

So I ordered brewed coffee in the meantime while I waited for my friend.

Waiting for 10am with a black brewed coffee

Waiting to avail my Holiday Harvest promo drinks exaclty the ones on the table flyer

At last my friend arrived just around 10.  We chatted for a while and then decided that I will have the warm drink and she will get the cold one.  I went to the counter and told them I will avail the drinks.  I don't know if it's my imagination but the clerk seems to be whispering about it when I first asked about the promo.  Maybe they don't want it to be well-known with all of their customers.  The promo is not visible anywhere inside the store.  The drink is not even in their menu list yet.  It can only be seen at the table flyer. So anyway I told the cashier that I would take the hot and cold drink and paid P100 for both of them.  The clerk actually told me when I first asked about it that the drinks were free before.  They only added the P50 fee as donation for charity.  I forgot which one he said. 

Apple Pie Tea Latte and Apple Caramel Ice Blended

So we got our drinks.  I'm not too disappointed I didn't get exactly what's in the picture.  I mean it looks nice in a tall clear glass right?  And Joie asked that she doesn't want whipped cream on her cold drink so this is what we got instead (picture above).  I love my Apple Tea Latte! It's so refreshing and warm, something I didn't imagine can happen in this drink.  It's not too sweet!  The apple flavor is so refreshing!  Joie said she loves her Ice blended as well.  She said it's probably richer compared to mine.  We didn't try each other's drinks.  I don't know why.  I guess I was just too lazy to get another straw :P.  But definitely next time I will buy the Tea Latte again even on a regular price.  I think it will be a favorite of mine.  I will try the Ice blended as well next time.  Hmm I can still remember the taste. Yum!

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