Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gothic Lolita

One thing about being a couch potato is that you're most likely familiar with the world of anime or Japanese animation. I'm not sure how but if you like watching TV, DVDs and playing video games you're bound to get introduced to it. Well I'm an anime fan or used to be or maybe moderately now. Back then I used to buy VHS tapes somewhere along Taft Avenue just to get the latest Ranma episodes. Whew! It was expensive  and I used to live in the province so I have to go all the way to Manila.

Well a friend of mine had been asking a favor from me for a year now that I should do a photo shoot for her sister, who's a make-up artist, and the concept would be Gothic Lolita. If you're not familiar with the term just google it and you'll be taken to a world of cute but different fashion culture that can only be found in Japan. Hm so what does this have to do with anime? I'm not sure where this fashion statement originated from really. Let me look it up... Even Wikipedia's unsure of its origin. But anyway Lolita fashion is prominent in a number of anime series like Death Note.  So if you're an anime fan then you'll be familiar with it as well.

It's kind of been my dream to dress up as a Gothic Lolita for a time now and I thought why not just agree. Yes I probably need to lose some weight first and probably why I keep rejecting my friend but she made it clear it's now or never. Sooooo I agreed.. reluctantly. I was impressed actually with the result. Well not really the one I imagined but we had to make do with our little time and scant inventory. Due to the sponsor's request since the pics will be posted in another website I can only show a small pic as a preview of what I had been doing :P. They said when the other website's up and running then I can share some photos.

Hehe what do you think?  Sorry I couldn't show all of it but it's not really what I expected anyway.  Maybe next time if we do this again I'll be more ready with the props.

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