Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Change of Scenery: Coron, Palawan - Day 2 Part 2

After our trip to Kayangan Lake our next stops were Twin Peaks Reef, Banol Beach, Twin Lagoon and Maquinit Hot Springs. Below you see their pictures. I would tell you now I tried my best to capture them as they were through may cam but these places are so much more beautiful in person. Enjoy!

Twin Peaks Reef

Leaving Kayangan lake and on our way to Twin Peaks Reef
our boat stopped and we realize we've arrived already
our driver is tying our boat to the other boats that are parked as well
Ms. Cherry (our tour guide) feeding the fishes
so many fishies!
clear waters and fishies
Ms. Cherry accompanying me for snorkeling around the reef. Too bad I don't have underwater cam

Banol Beach

Leaving Twin Peaks and on our way to rest at Banol Beach for lunch
Banol Beach in view
Clear shallow waters
Lovely sight
White sand and clear water!
Going down
no words to describe
just lovely
And we're the only people in this part. so nice!
love to swim again just by looking at it
clear waters
more pic of the water
a couch potato in paradise
stress reliever
our tour companions taking great shots
my friend appreciating the view
our free lunch included in the tour! (unicorn fish, bbq chicken, lobster, rice and mango and vegetable salad)
underneath the rocks
our little piece of paradise
a couch potato under the rocks
a mermaid?!
you can go kayaking after lunch and explore the rock formations on the islands. I was a bit surprised nobody telling me not to go too far. We're really free to go anywhere.
leaving Banol Beach

Twin Lagoon

On our way to Twin Lagoon

more rock formations

a different kind of water
entrance to the lagoon

walkway to the entrance
there's the very small entrance
there it is
here magnified. you see the stairs? either you go up through a very narrow path between the rocks or you go swim under the stairs. the water is too high for us to swim safely underneath so we went through the rocks. I don't think a very big person would fit there but we all went through okay. whew! love these adventures
clear waters
going to the walkway
and here we are right after we went through the rocks. water is cold underneath and warm on top. weird feeling. there's something spiritual about the place which makes it amazing

Maquinit Hot Springs

On our way to Maquinit Hot Springs. Starting to have overcast skies
we can see the mangrove from here
mangrove up close
entrance to the springs
getting closer
going up the entrance
the view at the entrance. the springs located way over there
walkway to the springs. i really like this walkway
benches are available around the spring
view from the bench
that's where the hot water is coming from and that's coming from the top of the mountain
and they're going out to the mangroves
flowing water
peaceful hot spring

great for relaxation or if you have aching muscles. the water is really quite hot. I had to go in and out of the water

At the Bistro Coron back in Coron town

Tenderloin steak cooked to perfection

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