Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Change of Scenery: Coron, Palawan - Day 1

Just as the title said that's what my friend Therese told me one day, that she needed a change of scenery.  Working at home can have its toll. You work, you eat, you sleep at home. I had a hard time adjusting from office work to home work but eventually got used to it after probably half a year. So, after a short time contemplating I told Therese that I'm game but our trip should be very cheap as I'm trying to save up. We agreed to look for an out-of-town deal in the Luzon area since it's nearer. After a few days of looking around deal sites we spotted many great out-of-town deals since it was off-peak season (rainy season). We considered Tagaytay, Zambales, etc. but we ended up looking through deals in the Visayas area as well since it was incredibly cheap and comparable to the Luzon deals. Cebu was our first choice. There was an island called Camotes in Cebu that first sparked our interest. It was cheap, it was isolated and it was lovely. A change of scenery would be perfect there. But because the travel agency wasn't replying to our emails we went ahead and looked for other deals. It was a blessing in disguise because we ended up finding a great deal in Coron, Palawan with tours and everything. We lost no time buying the deal and went to the agency for booking. The booking part was tricky since it was the rainy season but Therese was dead set on the date which is Sept 15-Sept 17. I was a bit reluctant but we were super lucky. Those days were the only days it wasn't raining in Luzon until October :P.

So below is a journal of our trip to Coron, Palawan. Hope you enjoy the pics and find it helpful if you're planning to go there.

Manila to Coron

at the terminal in NAIA 3
inside Cebu Pacific plane
one of the islands of Palawan
arrived at Busuanga airport (airphil express plane can be seen as well)
our plane
entrance to the airport
the plane's passengers going in their respective vans
all vans on the way to their respective hotels
roads are pretty good
at Coron town (simple, clean town with friendly people)
we arrived at the pier
our next ride to our hotel
person from the hotel waiting for us
restaurants at Coron town. just imagine the fresh seafood!
on our way to the hotel
free boat ride to and from the hotel

Dive Link Resort

Dive Link Resort from afar
Dive Link Resort
Dive Link Resort
Dive Link Resort
walkway to the resort
swimming pool
our welcome drinks fresh from the trees!
view from our room
nice quiet place
walking around the resort
rental huts
rental huts
rental huts
there's a basketball court
walking around the resort
walking around the resort
peaceful afternoon sunset
at the sunset deck
very nice to go kayaking on those peaceful waters

 Coron Town Tour

free ride back to town for some tour
we're going to climb that cross later at Mt. Tapyas
the public market!
Coron town
Coron town
going up the mountain
view from Mt. Tapyas
view of the cross (we didn't make it to the top :P)
view from Mt. Tapyas
at the bottom of Mt. Tapyas
peanut brittle factory
At Kawayanan Grill Station
We had Red Crab and Kinilaw (raw fish in vinegar)
sisig as well
Cross at Mt. Tapyas at night
town lights
Dive Link Resort walkway at night
very peaceful moonlit night
view from our room at night

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