Monday, September 5, 2011

Brownies and cupcakes from Bread Monster

My sister brought home these heavenly brownies and cupcakes one day from the Fort. I'm a fan of Brownies Unlimited and I really don't know other brownie brands who are as good as them. Until now that is. Well the cupcakes and brownies from Bread Monster really tastes so good, has a fluffier texture to it and has that melt in your mouth kind of feel. Although it's really good I still can say the chewiness of the brownies in Brownies Unlimited is something I will always crave for especially their Rocky Road. But if you want something new, a different feel but with the same satisfaction then try this out from Bread Monster. My sister said they're located in Market Market at the Fort. Enjoy!

brownies and cupcakes from Bread Monster

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