Monday, August 1, 2011

Dragged at Café Breton, Westgate

I just accompanied my older sister to the mall one weekend to go to the salon and she going to have a facial. It's just one relaxing afternoon and after I'm done I just went to my sister's derma and was ready to go home. So while I waiting for her to come out I was quite shocked when I saw a friend of hers greeting me in front of the derma place. I thought what a coincidence but wait, is it? Then I realized we're both waiting for my sister. As it turns out they're going to hang out. Wow very nice of my sis not to inform me. She did give me a choice though, either she'll take me home first or her friend is going to treat us both out. I really wanted to go home and relax but of course it's kinda rude so I went with them anyway. Yes the treat didn't entice me at all, believe it or not. Hmp.

I'm glad I went anyway. It's been a while since I went to Cafe Breton. Too bad it's not my younger sister who went with them. She's the one who's been wanting crepes for the longest time. I didn't feel like eating dinner though since I'm hung up with this Scottish actor. *Sigh* it's one of my phases when I admire someone so much. So I went straight to dessert since I can eat sweets even if I don't feel hungry.

My sister's friend ordered Galette Paysanne, a whole Hungarian sausage, onions, egg, asparagus with cheese sauce, with Hungarian sausage slices; for my sister the Poseidon, Smoked salmon, dill sauce, sour cream, capers; and mine Strawberry Short Crepe, Strawberry preserve in syrup and cream, a generous serving of strawberry ice cream topped with whipped cream.

I tasted the sausage and salmon. They're both great. The salmon maybe a little too small for its price. I'm not sure if one will get full in that. But my crepe is humungous! It's not a camera trick. It's really that big. I mean the plate is big already and the crepe is almost covering the whole plate. I'm satisfied with my dessert or maybe it was too much for me. It's best when you're sharing it with another person. I love the quiet ambiance of the place. I love their food. I love Cafe Breton at Westgate.

Galette Paysanne and strawberry milkshake


Strawberry Short Crepe

Poseidon and Strawberry Short Crepe with white wine and mango juice

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