Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cielin's cupcakes

Cielin's cupcakes was an instant success in our family. We all have different tastes so everyone found a flavor to their liking. All cakes are soft and just right, the icing not too sweet since I think they're all made of whipped cream (which I dearly love!) unlike the other cupcakes out there that has a towering icing of pure sugar or whatever. I just really don't get that. Anyway below is a pic of the cupcakes. I imagine it would be hard writing down the cupcake flavors saying L-R, clockwise, etc, so I made a pic with the details below.

Cielin's Assorted cupcakes, chicken pie and tarts

I love the Strawberry cupcake most of all. It's not too sweet. The cream on top has a refreshing strawberry flavor and the cake soft with a strawberry filling inside. Whenever I have this cupcake in front of me I have this urge of burying my face in the cream and lick everything afterwards. I just wish I have tasted this during my childhood. I'm pretty sure I would've been the happiest girl back then knowing that a cupcake like this existed (that goes also with Yulo's strawberry shortcake). Lol. I know what I would want for my birthday! My younger sister loves the Mocha cupcake. You can really taste the mocha-ness in this one. The cake is bursting with mocha flavor and goes well with the cream on top. It would be my fave as well if not for my overly fondness of strawberries. My older sister's favorite is the cheese tart. Oh yes not all are cupcakes in this assorted box. We have a chicken pie and tarts as well. The Cheese tart is somewhat similar to the egg tart but oozing with cheesy goodness. Not too salty and not too sweet, just the right amount of cheese. I think everyone in my family loves this tart. The Chicken pie is great for merienda. It doesn't have sauce inside like other chicken pies but it's flavorful and satisfying to the stomach. The Walnut tart is a tart on the sweet side so you would want to eat this one slowly. I love it  especially when I'm craving for something sweet with some crunch. The Mangoes and Cream honestly I can't remember tasting it. I think I have but maybe I was too smitten-ed with the strawberry cupcake I totally ignored this one. It would be one of my favorite flavors as well.  The other cupcakes I find just normal probably because it's not my favorite flavor or there's none left for me to taste it. Next time I'll revise this post and add more pictures of the cupcake fillings. By the way the most expensive one in this box I think is around P24. The price for each cupcake or tart or chicken pie ranges from P18 to P20+. Not bad eh? Enjoy looking at the pics!

Cielin's cupcakes including the choco cupcake from my Mother's day post

Cielin's cupcakes (without the text)

Cielin's cupcakes (another view)

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