Sunday, July 31, 2011

Harry Potter 7 part 2 and Tender Bob's

 On the third Saturday of this month me and my friend Therese decided to have lunch at Tender Bob's after watching the last installment of the Harry Potter movie saga. We have planned this day for weeks knowing that there will be an early reservation for a Harry Potter movie. We've learned our lesson before not to take chances with Harry Potter or we'll end up falling in a very long line or not be able to watch the movie at all due to limited seats. So, we always reserve in advance a week or two before the showing. We didn't want to watch it in 3D. We wanted to concentrate more on the story than the effects. After the movie though I'm thinking maybe watching it in 3D would have been better since there's not much story to hang on to. Anyway I didn't cry during the movie. Only afterwards when I got home and my family wanted me to give detailed accounts of what I saw then did I start to feel a lump in my throat for Prof. Snape and also then did I realize what a wonderful story it is. But maybe I felt teary eyed also because I'm going to miss all of them. Just like Harry and the gang it's the end of our youthful days and it's time to move on. Someday I'm sure HBO or Star Movies will have a Harry Potter marathon in their channel. I'm sure I would be one to watch that.

After a very intense movie it's nice to know you'll be dining in a good place. Tender Bob's is known for their steaks and Therese had always loved them so this is where we had lunch. I ordered their USDA Prime Ribeye Steak (6 oz) because it's what they're known for and even though I rarely order steak I remember I'm always fond of them. My good experiences were at Stone Grill and Circles in Shangri-La Hotel. I loved both their steaks and I always ask for medium rare. So that's what I got at Tender Bob's as well. Therese didn't order their USDA because she was concerned of the taste. She even asked the waitress what they'll put in it and the response was just salt and pepper. Therese knew it will be bland for her so she didn't order it. I think it would be the same with most Filipinos. This didn't stop me though. Ever since my "less-carb" diet my taste had become sensitive and I started appreciating less salty and less sugary food. I'm glad for this because I really appreciated their USDA Prime Ribeye. As you can see it's not that thick but it made me full fast. It's so juicy, tender and you can taste the high grade meat if you're not using any condiments. I was racing against time because the room was cold and my steak was getting cold fast. I knew it wouldn't taste good if it's not warm. My mouth is watering now just by looking at it and remembering the taste. I would definitely go back to this resto again.

Tender Bob's USDA Prime Ribeye Steak - Hungry size 6 oz. - medium rare
Since Therese wanted medium well and more flavor in her meats she ordered their Baby Back ribs and Porter House Steak from their Domestic Premium Steaks line. I tried her Baby Back Ribs and it was superb. Very soft and tender unlike from other restaurants that seemed dry and overcooked. The Porter House was flavorful indeed perfect for Filipino taste. Since I only tasted these I'll definitely come back again and order a plate for myself.

Tender Bob's Baby Back Ribs

Tender Bob's Porter House Steak

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