Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mother's day with Bizu and Cielin's

I've been so busy with work lately I haven't had time updating my blog. Also most of my free time I give it up to reading ever since I bought a Kindle. Even when I finish my work at 2am I still find myself reading before going to bed. Anyway I'll be posting about my Kindle soon enough and all my appreciation about it will be included there :).

So, Mother's day this year was  on May 8, 2011, Sunday. It was a perfect day to celebrate because Pacman Pacquiao's fight was on that day as well (well here in the Philippines that is). Me and my older sister decided to surprise the mothers in our family with a cake, some flowers and a pay per view show of the fight. It was a bit hard concealing about it for a week pretending we've forgotten the date but I could honestly say that we pulled it off beautifully. Both my mom and younger sis were surprised.

We decided to try out Bizu's Mother's Day cake special called Cheesecake Camilla.

Bizu's Cheesecake Camilla with box

Cheesecake Camilla front

Cheesecake Camilla side

Cheesecake Camilla eaten

My mouth is kinda watering now when I look at these pics. I do miss it a little. I say 'little' because I remember I'm not much of a fan of cheesecakes and too sweet desserts. Cheesecake Camilla is both. For those who like sweets like my sister and mom and those that love cheesecakes then this is for you. It's creamy, it's sweet, it's yummy. Hm the taste experience reminded me actually of 'yema' but in a cheesecake form. It does look small at first but we realized it's small for a reason. A little really goes a long way. Usually a cake in our family is gone in one or two eating but Camilla I think it lasted a week. So, I think the price (1k plus) is just right when it comes to quantity.

Another treat we had for Mother's day was chocolate cupcakes from Shopwise. It was a free gift from them for the mothers who are members of their store.

A gift from Shopwise on Mother's Day

How sweet

This is actually from Cielin's Cakehouse where a branch can be found in Shopwise

Since we have two mothers we got two gifts ^^

I really love this chocolate cupcake. They're moist, chocolatey and not too sweet. Their moistness is quite surprising I guess since most cupcakes nowadays are a bit exaggerated on the toppings and don't focus much on the cupcake itself. I don't even like the big toppings on those other cupcakes. Most of the time they're too sweet. Anyway this one from Cielin's is just right! I can't wait to try their other cupcakes as well. I'll be uploading a post soon with another Cielin cake.

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