Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cielin's Lemon Meringue Torte

My younger sister discovered this cake house at BF, Paranaque and she was able to convince me to try out one of their cakes since the pics in their Facebook page looks appetizing. We also found out that the delicious 'free' chocolate cup cakes we availed from Shopwise during Mother's Day was from them as well. Knowing that, I decided to try one of their cakes since the price is quite reasonable as well. I asked my sister to buy me Lemon Meringue Torte to try one day while she accompanies her three-year-old son to preschool and will be passing by there.

I chose this flavor because I haven't tasted a lemon cake before and I have a soft spot for lemons. Why I ask myself. Hm let me see. When I was a kid I had these pretty pencil translucent erasers that are shaped and colored as lemons, limes and strawberries so I've always thought of them as pretty things. It reminded me of preschool, of soft sunlight, of grass and leaves and the cartoon Strawberry Shortcake! Lemons don't grow in our country so I was only able to taste it when I was older since trade liberalizations only started in the 90s . When I tasted lime I found them too strong. When I tasted lemon and found out about their soft tangy sweet taste it has earned my respect. Strawberries on the other hand... that's another story and will be having a different post for it -- for the perfect cake!

Oh! I have to mention my older sis's lemon squares. She did make one before when she was first trying out her cooking skills. I was so smitten-ed she's making a lemon dessert. But alas she mistakenly put salt instead of sugar so the pastry was a disaster. Imagine eating a sour salty dessert. I think the family still managed to finish it all since it's still food, and we don't waste food, but my sis never recovered from it and hated baking ever since. While me I'm still looking for that perfect lemon dessert.

Cielin's Cakehouse box with address

Cielin's Lemon Meringue Torte

Lemon Meringue Torte

Getting a slice of the torte

 I almost truly love this cake. It just had the right sweetness and tang and I love the nuts and meringue inside. But I think it was lacking crunch and has too much cream. Well actually everybody in our family said it had too much icing and less of a cake. I think if you take a thin slice it would be okay but we're accustomed to slicing as much as we want. lol. Also I think if lemon zest were added to the icing it would just be fine. I just taste too much of the egg whites and it's almost like eating a Brazo de Mercedes without the yellow filling. Well for those who love icings I would say this is for you. I do hope they improve it a little because it's almost perfect.

Me and my sis do plan to try out their other cakes as well. Will keep you posted :).

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